Is your SMSF adequately diversified?

SMSF trustees need to truly understand diversification and better diversify their portfolios. The benefits of a well-diversified portfolio are numerous but the key ones that SMSF trustees should focus on are the benefits of mitigating volatility and short-term downside investment risks, preserving capital and the long-run benefits of higher overall returns. By spreading an SMSF’s … Continue reading Is your SMSF adequately diversified?



Collectables and personal-use assets rules are changing. Are you ready? With the end of the financial year fast approaching have you taken action to ensure that any collectables or personal-use assets your SMSF acquired before 1 July 2011 now meet the new rules? Collectables and personal-use assets include assets such as artwork, jewellery, antiques, vehicles, … Continue reading Collectables